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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 18, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, new york city explosion. the moments of terror caught on camera. >> i heard boom. like this big black clouds. >> dozens of people hurt. >> an explosion -- >> this was an intentional act. >> windows shattering and cars, debris littering the streets. rushed to treat the injured. dazed from the explosion. emergency vehicles swarming the scene. >> city streets and subway lines shut down and the frightening discovery, a secondary device a
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cell phone attached. bomb-sniffing dogs hunting for more. >> the urgent question this morning, was this an act of terror. on the same day of a pipe bomb explosion at a run in jersey. team coverage of the breaking story and the hunt for answers. good sunday morning, everyone. very b right to the breaking news. that explosion on a crowded street in lower manhattan. >> surveillance footage the device went off in the chelsea neighborhood. bystanders running away. 29 people take on the the hospital. >> moments later, just blocks away, a second suspicious device was found. a pressure cooker with the cell phone and wires attached. all wrapped in a plastic bag. now, the mayor of new york said
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intentional act. no evidence of terrorism right now. >> he might have been trying to calm fears. a stabbing attack at a mall in minnesota. >> we do have team coverage of this fast-moving story. we start with abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: good morning, an urgent search under way for the bomber. one bomb exploded device discovered. as the mayor says no evidence of terror, sources tell us it's too early to tell who was responsible. in a popular neighborhood on the west side of new york city. this surveillance video inside a fitness center shows the blast just after 8:30. glass shatters. >> 6-1-5 there's an explosion.
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pail. >> we do want to be very clear -- the early indications, initial indications that this was an intentional act. >> reporter: officials say the bomb appears to have been placed in a tool box next to the construction trash container. in one video, a man seen is crossing the street in the vicinity of where the object was left. >> the ground shook and like windows shook this big flash of light. >> reporter: yet incredibly no one was killed. >> there were 29 injuries here. one considered serious. 24 of these people have been transported to area hospitals with various degrees of scrapes and abrasions from glass and metal. >> reporter: then two hours later, and just four blocks away, police discovered a second device. in what appears to be a pressure
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bag with wiring and a cell phone attached. the nypd bomb squad removed the device as bomb-sniffing dogs searched the area for more suspicious packages. and they scanned surveillance videos looking for clues who was responsible. police this morning say they still don't know if the second device included explosives. the fact that it w in a pressure cooker like this one is of great concern. there are recipes and instructions to build a bomb online. >> remember, the innocent days these were simple kitchen devices. gone. >> exactly. they have taken this one to a location where they have a controlled detonation. >> thank you, brian.
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surveillance cameras, the blast left the city on edge. just hours after a pipe bomb went off along a charity run in new jersey. abc's linzie janis joins us from the chelsea neighborhood where residents' nerves are still rattled this morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula, this blast going off after that police van you see there. chaos in manhattan overnight. after a major explosion rocks a popular neighborhood in the city. >> it was like a loud boom sound. >> reporter: law enforcement officials descending on the scene. residents fleeing the area in a panic. >> people started running up 23rd street. >> reporter: 29 people injured by the blast.
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down city blocks and bystanders rushing to help the wounded. >> i'm willing to help. >> reporter: this woman out for a bite to eat when she heard the explosion. >> boom! we were like, oh, my god. >> reporter: and this chelsea resident stopping to pick up a magazine on her way when the blast erupted. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: in the aftermath, a second de away. we just have been moved out of this area, police telling us it's a hot zone and they're looking at another device. law enforcement sweeping an entire area. looking inside trash dispensers. just hours earlier on saturday, a separate explosion, 60 miles away in new jersey. >> it sounded like a cannon. it was very, very loud. >> reporter: a pipe bomb
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5k race for a marine corps charity. >> a large round, dark smoke. >> reporter: investigators discovering a cache of several devices. all timed to go off at the intended start time of the race. in minnesota, overnight, a knife-wielding attacking people at a shopping mall. those eight people suffering nonlife threatening injuries in minnesota. in new jersey, that race so popular, so many people came out to it, it start had to be delayed. dan, the new york mayor said it's early but right now no apparent connection between that blast and the one here in new york city. >> but it's early. linzie janis we appreciate your
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overnight. i spoke with joe clark right nearby when that explosion went off in lower manhattan. joe, we appreciate you coming on this morning. when were you when you heard that explosion? >> i was actually in the gap on 8th avenue and 23rd. an avenue away from here. in front of the store. i felt and heard the explosion. >> so, you went in the direction of the explosion to check it out? >> there was some vehicle started going towards what was going on. we could see some fire trucks already down here on the scene and we started walking this direction. >> in your pictures you post on the the internet, you see a lot of first responders, some victims being treated, did you see a lot of victims and did you get a sense of widespread fear and panic in the area sf. >> i was watching the firefighters. i told my girlfriend, take a
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how they're reacting. they brought a chair and they sat him down right on 7th avenue and 23rd. i saw the one guy that i took the photos of, other people came along a little later. >> you felt confident based on the demeanor of these fifthers that this was not an exceedingly dangerous place to be. >> we were told, from what i heard, it was between 5th and 6 away. >> i understand you were near the world trade center in 1993 when it was hit by a bomb. did this give you a flash back. >> it did. the jolt and the noise that i heard was very similar and also the people's reaction and joe clark, we're really glad you're safe and for coming on this morning. thanks very much. >> thank you so much for having
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happening right now on this investigation, we want to bring in a former nypd. i want to go back to new york city, bill deblasio said this was quote an intentional act. we're so early in the act how can he be ruling out terror? >> i don't he's ruling it out. i think he's being cautious. you don't want terror is any act of violence against the people to instill terror in them to go to the government to have them change foreign policy. but what we see here, the mayor and the commissioner, i think it's his second day in office, they're going to take the cautious approach. they're not going to instill panic in the people. >> i want everyone to look at the map and what happened and
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morning. 12 hours, the blast in the chelsea neighborhood of new york city and that suspicious-looking pressure cook device, right now, anything that leads you to believe that these all conne connected. >> they may or may not together. so, what they're going to do is they're going to coordinate the investigation, share information tw york and in new jersey. they'll come at some point with a decision if they are or aren't connected. >> they'll be looking at the pressure cooker this morning. >> they have the pressure cooker it was removed from the new york city bomb squad. and they have it. they'll make the decision whether they're going to explode the device to gather evidence or they're going to attempt to
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technique that they have to see inside of it if there's a device. >> all right, nick, we really appreciate your insight this morning. thanks for coming in. >> dan. >> thank you, nick. the explosion in manhattan immediately, of course, sent ripples out to campaign trail. donald trump coming out early saying it was a bomb. hillary clinton pouncing on trump for that. mary bruce is on that st we're already getting a glimpse this morning how trump and clinton would react as president. overnight, both responding. in very different ways. already, it's becoming political, hillary clinton scolding trump for his swift conclusion. donald trump was quick to respond to the explosion in manhattan speaking out after initial reports.
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better get very tough, folks. >> reporter: describing it was a bomb even before it was confirmed. two hours later after landing back home in new york, clinton took a more cautious approach. >> we have to let the investigation unfold. >> reporter: and she took a swing at trump. >> i think it's always wiser to wait until you have information before making >> reporter: both candidates are being criticized by former defense secretary robert gates for lacking national security plans. but in the wall street journal, gates writes, that donald trump is unfit to be commander in chief. trump is hitting back. >> when they leave office they criticizing everyone. i don't like critics. i like the people who get it done and get it done right. >> reporter: now here at the
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night. he has yet to respond publicly. >> mary, thank you. for more on this let's bring in martha raddatz, in washington where she'll be hosting "this week" later this morning. thank you for joining us. how are both candidates viewed as commander-in-chief particularly in moments of crisis? >> paula, moments like these are critical because they show voters how each candidate would handle the many crises they're su and these two as we see could not be more different. you saw hillary clinton come out with that careful statement, sticking to the facts as she awaits more information that's indicative of her style as secretary of state. contrary to donald trump who shoots from the hip. to some it's an aggressive style that carries a lot of risks but
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appreciate. >> eight days away from now which could be a pivotal moment the first presidential debate, how high are the stakes for these two candidates? >> it's such an important moment in this race the last real variable where the candidates will be head to head without tell prompters without advisers on the same stage. barring any meltdown, these debates don't redefine the race they tend to each candidate. both are practicing. we're not sure it's exactly the same between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> martha, we should point out you'll be moderating the second debate. which will come up shortly after the first one. martha, thank you. i want to remind everybody martha has a big show, she goes one-on-one with both vice
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mike pence and democrat tim kaine. if you can't get enough of the weather, i don't know -- you can download rob marciano. >> yes. >> that will take you far toongs. i want to show you this picture out of a land sprout. obviously on open land. not a whole lot of damage. this video out of norman, oklahoma, no reports of a tornado with this but rain wrapped in there. nonetheless some hefty winds. up the road in stillwater, they had to delay the osu later in the day n the fourth quarter because of lightning and a number of football games delayed
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because of some action with the thunderstorms that rolled through, even louisville, the game at 12:00 p.m. getting some rain and thunder. this one is a very slow mover. it will squeeze some of the moisture. the next 24 hours to 48 hours will produce 1 to 2 inches. parts of new england need the rain. maybe locally more than that. that's julia. also watching tropical storm
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>> much more weather coming up. i'll postsome of these on twitter so you download the graphics, not me. more weather in 20 minutes. >> the download rob marciano app is now trending above pokemon go. for more news we get it over to dr. claiborne. we begin in syria, an u air strikes hit syrian government the u.s. military saying the attack in the eastern part of syria which is not covered by a week-old truce in that area bombed syrian forces by mistake. they held a emergency meeting sunday night at the request of the nation. deadly bus crash in north carolina, kills four people and injured 42 others.
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it to hit a guard rail. new details about the suspected gunman who went on a shooting spree in philadelphia friday night. officials saying they found a note from him titled doomed. he wrote about his dislike of police. one woman who was in a passing car was shot and killed. police killed glen in a shootout drivers in the northeast pulling up to empty gas tanks as crews work to fix a leak. governors from six states declaring states of emergencies. states easing up on gas delivery restrictions. and, in arizona, a small plane catches fire mid-flight,
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sky-divers on their way to a local fair, they jumped out of that plane before it crashed and landed safely. the skydivers were unharmed. people inside the house luckily made it out alive before it went up in flames finally a high school quarterback in texas, what he did at halftime got the crowd cheering. taking the homecoming king crown off his friend who has cerebral palsy. >> really great. here you have an athlete and giving it to someone who feels more deserving. >> popular kids in the high school never did that, they shoved me into locker room. >> were you bullibullied?
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america" -- more on our coverage of the blast in new york city. and this, a fallout over darren sharper, now fueling debate over who should be eligible for the hall of fame honor. >> ron will have it for us. plus, behind the scenes of the emmy awards. what can you expect during tonight's big show. that's from nick watt. keep it here on morning. "good morning america" is brought to you by -- ?
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happy sunday morning everybody, it is right now 7:27, and we've got a little bit of fog and haze out here on the horizon. we are seeing some clouds, no rain though as we take a look
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radar, live scan showing nothing but we back up 12 hours and watch as those storms bloomed across the interior of the state and pull back toward the west coast and drained themselves out last night. starting out with 79 in tampa and clear water. st. petersburg has 80 degrees. partly sunny to mostly sunny skies with winds out of the east and southeast. going through the day today, we'll push up to 91 looking for those sea breeze storms later on as we start firing afternoon. here's a look at your seven-day forecast showing that 40% chance of showers today. we'll bump the rain chances up just a little bit into the
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welcome back to "good morning america." we begin this half-hour with this breaking news overnight, an explosion in a crowded new york city neighborhood, chelsea to be exact. 29 people hurt in the blast. the mayor calling it an inte >> then the frightening discovery of a second device, a pressure cooker with a cell phone and wires. now the investigation into whether or not thuz with an act of terrorism and abc's brian ross is joining us again. you have a pressure cooker right here. this has become a weapon of choice. >> it has. instructions on how to make this simple kitchen device into
7:31 am
marathon attack there were two bombs made out of this. right now the investigation is focused on -- there's a m boor at large. someone set off a bomb. the new york police department have this counterterrorism center that i have been given a tour of recently, with hundreds of cameras all over the city and they look at every license plate coming in and out of the city. they the city. that's what they're doing right now. >> we're talking about three possible locations, that pipe bomb in seaside, new jersey, then you have the bomb in chelsea in new york city, just a couple of blocks away the pressure cooker, trying to figure out if these are connected. what obstacles are they facing? >> the main obstacle who is this person, he got away, does he
7:32 am
this comes as president obama and world leaders from everywhere coming into the city for the united nations generally assembly. so, it's a tense time already. >> brian ross our chief investigative correspondent. we appreciate it. >> thanks for coming in on a weekend, brian. we want to turn to pierre thomas, he's been in touch with top law enforcement officials this morning and he has moren >> reporter: top officials here in washington, including the president and homeland security jeh johnson are monitoring the situation, for now they're following the lead of new york city officials. officials i'm talking to, with so little on motive, nothing can be ruled out. the fact that this is some kind of an intentional act has a lot of officials here in washington
7:33 am
city being a prime terror target and the united nations general assembly arriving. dan. >> pierre, thank you. all this coming at the same time a terrifying attack at a mall in minnesota that we mentioned earlier in the show. a man wearing the uniform of a security guard stabbed several people before he off-duty police officer. sunny hostin has more. >> reporter: eight people were injured in that attack at the shopping mall leaving a town on edge. overnight, a stabbing ram page inside a packed mall in minnesota. >> st. cloud is getting reports of stabbing and shots fired at the mall off division. >> reporter: witnesses say the
7:34 am
uniform. at least eight people were stabbed. police revealing the man made references to islam. >> that individual made some references to allah and we have confirmed that he asked at least one person if they were muslim before he assaulted them. >> reporter: police not letting anyone in or out as they swept the area. >> whether that was a terrorist know. >> reporter: the motive still under investigation. the suspect was killed inside the macy's department store by an off-duty police officer. the attack leaving this town shaken. >> we got eight victims that were assaulted here in our mall. and so, guess what, starting tomorrow, things won't be the same here. >> seven of the wounded were treated and released while one
7:35 am
the motive for the stabbings is still under investigation. >> interesting to see him that nothing is going to be the same here. just emotionally or they're going to boost security in some way. boosting security at these soft targets is such a problematic endeavor. >> almost impossible. let's check the forecast once again. rob, good morning. >> reporter: want to talk about the west coast. high fire danger over several days. one burning in california, near the mammoth lakes ski resort. the conditions aren't going to get any better in the next day and half. fire warnings and watches for santa barbara. temperatures are going to be warm with a bit of an offshore flow. might see some thunderstorms and dwight lightning pop up in southern california.
7:36 am
temperatures that are going to rebound. not quite done with summer yet. temperatures in the 80s in chicago. new york city and d.c. boumping up to the lower to mid 80s as we go to middle part of the week. the heat is up. looking for showers and thunderstorms across the southeast. some thunderstorms this morning rolling through >> this weather report is brought to you by petsmart. a little announcement about my partner in crime, ginger zee. women's health magazine fifth
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happening this morning along new york city's west side highway. she'll be running the race as well. in the past has donated 5 million meals in need. that's amazing. you can still run in san francisco, they're running on october 10th. maybe we'll sign up for that. >> i'd >> you can burn off some of the calories you'll be eating today, it's national cheese burger today. >> i plan to have a cheese burger at every meal. >> you talk a big game, three bites of food on this set. >> coming up here on "good morning america" -- behind the scenes before tonight's emmy awards. a sneak peek of what's in store on hollywowood's biggest night.
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here's football furor erupting. >> darren sharper's nomination
7:42 am
and whether she should be considered since he's serving time in prison. ron has more. >> any fan can nominate a former football player to the sport's hall of fame. now, sharper's name will go before the selection committee next year despite his rain conviction. some people saying that's just wrong. >> and it's picked off by darren sharper. >> reporter: 40-year-old darren sharper was sentenced last month to 18 years in prison after ad as many as 16 women. the nfl has no say in the hall of fame nominations the league has been under intense scrutiny because of incidents of violence by players against women. >> national football league one would think would be hyperessential sensitive to this guy.
7:43 am
hall of fame said it nominates no one. a committee of 46 journalists and 2 existing hall of fame members vote on the nominations the day before the super bowl. to be eligible for nomination a player must be retired from the league for at least five years. but according to the hall of fame, character is no criteria for the induction process. >> for the nfl to be in another story like this where a convicted rapist is being nominated for the pro football ha where the national football league does not warranty to be. >> reporter: a change in policy, saying i'm sure it will be discuss. we never say never. we want to make sure our process the best process. there are several football hall of fame members that have been convicted of crimes they were
7:44 am
>> darren sharper's in prison now? >> yeah. >> some people would argue this all happened off the field so he should be considered. very controversial. >> anyone can nominate someone. >> that's the issue here. >> we don't who nominated. and coming up on "good morning america" -- we're celebrating choose -- cheese burger day. >> that's a mouthful. in einstein since ch a change he started eating the new beneful recipe. the number one ingredient in it is beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he's a very active dog. he never stops moving. he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. it has real beef, grains, vegetables, and he loves it. well, we were coming for an interview... so he wanted to wear his tie.
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? welcome back to "good morning america."
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the founder of smash burger, tom ryan, celebrating ten years. take me through the technique that you have. >> our namesake is smashing burgers. we take angus and we smash them on a butter-painted grill. >> actually, it looks like it's broken up. that's beautiful. >> carnell liezs, you get this great steaky flavor. so, when you bite into this once. >> that looks fantastic. >> that's exactly what we're looking for. >> what's your number one tip? >> use great beef, we like certified angus. i think you want that in a great-tasting burger. >> none of that nonfat stuff.
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we use applewood smoked bacon, really brings out the flavor. >> put bacon on anything that's cheating. it's going to be good. >> it's going to be good. >> just one flip? >> yeah, just one flip. little sliced thin and hand breaded. >> this is ready to go? the breakfast of champions. >> look at that, is that not beautiful or holy smokes. so much flavor. >> thank you very much. >> happy national cheeseburger day. go out and have one today. "pop news" coming up next
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gm zbm brought to you by breathe right. breathe better, sleep better tonight. all right, time for "pop news." primetime emmy awards tonight
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scenes and abc's nick watt is here with everything you need to know. everything, literally. >> lot of pressure. i'm not sure of everything, some of what you need to know. nearly 250 nominations, that's the most ever, golden age of tv, the longest red carpet ever. wait waiters are practicing serving. ji >> the best thing about the emmys it's an award show for television on television. >> my favorite things the fashion and the food. >> i always say, wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks. but, who's going to win. >> best drama actress is one that you really want to keep yourself on the edge of your chair for. >> what now.
7:55 am
wright. long overlooked in house of cards and kerri russell. >> it was the right thing to go for a lot of reasons. >> also deserving, black-ish, sara paulson. sure things veep and jeffery tambor for transparent. and the behemoth "game of thrones." >> i take what is mine. >> if you're wondering why paula is wearing sunglasses right now, she's taken them out of the gift bags. these gift bagses for the a-listers $50,000 worth of stuff in there. including $8,000 vacations and
7:56 am
plastic surgery certificate. >> really? >> i don't know. >> catch the excitement tonight with the primetime emmy awards. lara is going to be there hosting the red carpet with chris harrison. good morning, america. welcome into "sportscenter." i'm lisa kerney. he's john anderson. football on a saturday, yes, plenty. >> how morning this is, america, nonetheless, we go to college football. oklahoma and ohio state. norman. so, the buckeyes come in, ou a
7:57 am
point. j.t. barrett to noah brown, an excellent catch. it's not like this one right here. time running out in the half. the sooner and the victory because he had four catches. that was the best one and ohio state rolls, 45-24. ole miss trying to beatnik saban for a third straight time. bama number one. trailing at one point. chad kelly dropping back, sacked out, he scoops it up and reaches in for the touchdown. alabama ties it up. kelly pressured again. intercepted by jonathan allen takes it the other way. the big boy, rumbling. 75 yards to the house. he goes. alabama comes back, wins it, 48-43. the final. >> college football week three, sunday nfl week --
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an explosion in a popular neighborhood and what the mayor is saying about it being a possible terror attack. russia respond in a big way in syria. a new poll is suggesting a


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